Expats on Spain’s Costa del Sol vent their frustrations saying “we need to move on” from Coronavirus


Expats on Spain’s Costa del Sol are starting to vent their frustration and anger calling for governments to move on and want regulations dropped that are affecting businesses.

AS the Coronavirus remains at the top of the news on a daily basis, many people now are questioning why countries like Spain and the UK can’t move on.

Whilst all countries around the world are still experiencing infections, businesses are still suffering, whilst recessions are at the forefront of minds in many quarters and appear to be adding to citizens frustrations across Europe.

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At the same time, whilst infections are daily recorded, actual death rates appear to be dwindling away whilst the blame seems to be on the younger generation getting infected and a far higher success rate of recovery in the event of infection.

That thought process was addressed by one Costa del Sol citizen, currently avoiding the hot month of August at his home in the UK, as he asked the question:

“Ok, who’s had enough of all this Covid crap?

“I have stuck by all the rules in strict lockdown in Spain, followed quarantine regs on return but it’s now time to get the economy going. Too many businesses and livelihoods failing because of the fallback.

“Even at this time of year fewer people are dying from Covid than flu.

“Spain is devastated due to the likes of the UK introducing quarantine just as they were hoping to half salvage the summer season.
“All the increase in cases is now mainly due to the younger generation re-socialising following lockdown hence the reduced death date.
“We need to move on, yes let’s all mask up, sanitise and socially distance but drop all the other regulations that are affecting businesses and livelihoods. Hopefully a vaccine will become available but until then time to move on.”
The businessman seems to have the same thought as many people in his position as well as the standard person residing in Spain and the UK as it appears many are in full agreement.
Dorothea Robertson being in full agreement with the businessman, who said: “Could not agree more – Have just had the same conversation with John (husband).”
Fellow Fuengirola-based business owner, Tom Whithers again was in full agreement as he backed up the thought process: “We just need to get back to normal and fast, get staff back to work and allowed to earn and enjoy life, governments have a responsibility to all businesses of whatever size, not just about containing the virus, but also thinking about people’s general welfare and lifestyle, ok the main infections are now the younger generation going to night clubs and discotheques, that’s only really where the latest rises are coming from and the youngsters have a choice if they wish to take the risk, or maybe that is where the regulations should be.”
The sentiment seems now to be gathering momentum especially those trying to make a living in Spain after a disastrous year for many. Businesses have really suffered if they have survived the pandemic of earlier in the year and thousands feel the same way, all restrictions now need lifting and fast although Daniel Hammond a bed trader who delivers to Spain weekly feels it’s just around the corner and will start getting positive again as he said: “I agree fully with the gentleman, it’s time to get moving again, but I feel it’s only just around the corner – governments all over the world can’t afford this fallout and will be forced to react quickly I think.”


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