Brits says flying back from Spain’s Costa del Sol says no checks at all and asks Boris what’s the real reason?

face mask on flight
Traveller not challenged by easyJet air crew.

Brits flying back from Spain’s Costa del Sol report of no quarantine checks and are questioning Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

PLENTY of Brits are asking the same question as they fly back from Spain, after having no checks at all on their return and not having to fill out any documents.

Andy Simmons, who yesterday flew back from Spain’s Malaga airport after a stay on Spain’s Costa del Sol in Calahonda, told the Euro Weekly News how returning to the UK was a “doddle” and it should be nothing to fear as no checks are made anyway, he said:

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“It was a ‘doddle,’ nobody checked or asked a thing, it was exactly the same as normal, there was no difference at all apart from fewer people, I was quite amazed really, what I would say to people hesitating going to Spain is don’t, there’s nothing to it and don’t let quarantine regulations put you off that’s for sure.”

It appears that judging by comments across social media channels many other Brits returning are experiencing the same thing as Louise Hammond revealed her experience travelling back from Spain’s La Cala as she posted whilst questioning Boris Johnson:

“Flew back by easyJet, just one other person checking in at easyJet at Malaga Airport. Very quiet, our flight had only a third of passengers on it. Arrived at Luton, no questions, no checks. I really don’t understand, if this government were really serious about quarantine then they could easily adopt the same scheme as Spain. No form, QR number, NO ENTRY?

“Therefore, what is the real reason they have introduced quarantine?

“It’s a half-arsed solution. C’mon Boris get your act together.
“If you’re worried about going to La Cala don’t be, I’ve been coming for the past 25 years, it’s very safe and we had a great time.”
The mystery continues to go on why the quarantine regulations were put in place and why they are not followed up, one thing is for sure it doesn’t seem anyone coming to Spain will have issues on return.




  1. When we return to Manchester from Malaga we filled a form on line and had the information on our phone, When we landed there where two lines those that had filled it on line and another one with forms on a table to fill in the security checked our phone to see if we had filled it in properly then let us through to customs, We had been home 9 days and a knock at the door and there were two police officers checking up to see we were still isolating they thanked us and went. Each airport should be following government guide lines.

  2. Well that’s not true. My in laws flew back to UK last week and had to fill in forms online and then they were called by isolation police when they got home.

  3. Why would anybody be so stupid as to report that why not say nothing and go about your buisness now you are drawing attention to it and informing the powers that be so the next time you go to Malaga it will be hard for you you idiot


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