Bathing more accessible for beach-goers with reduced mobility

PURPOSE: The matting makes it easier for people with mobility problems to reach the edge of the shore, Cuevas council explained

CUEVAS del Almanzora council has installed ‘flexi-walkway’ beach matting on the Quitapellejos beach in Palomares to make bathing more accessible for people with reduced mobility.

The local authority explained the walkways are made from recycled plastic and says they are totally compatible with the environment, as well as making it easier for people with mobility difficulties to reach the edge of the shore.

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CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Cuevas del Almanzora

The initiative is a further demonstration of a “firm commitment to improve and advance” in the accessibility of its beaches and its tourist resources”, the Cuevas administration commented, adding that it is well aware that “adapted and accessible tourism is a growing segment.”

The council said the flexi-walkways will be rolled out on the other accessible points on municipal beaches like Playa Luis Siret in Villaricos and in Pozo del Esparto from the next holiday season.


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