Young Girl in Spain With No Previous Pathology Dies from Suspected Kawasaki Disease After Contracting COVID

KAWASAKI: Unfamiliar disease Credit: twitter

AN 11-year-old girl in Spain has sadly passed away after contracting Covid-19. The young girl suffered from no previous pathologies although it is now thought that she may have contracted the Kawasaki disease.

The girl passed away on Tuesday morning at the Joan XXIII University Hospital in Tarragona, in Catalonia, Spain. According to local news sources, the young girl was suffering from severe intestinal pain and complications.

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Doctors believe that the Kawasaki disease could have been an adverse symptom of the coronavirus. Medical reports show that the young girl tested positive for the virus a few days before she was admitted to the hospital. However, the cause of death is still to be determined by the medics.

Kawasaki is a strange disease as doctors are still unsure of what causes it or how children contract it. It is typical for children to suffer from this disease and symptoms typically include red eyes, cracked lips, a sore throat, swollen glands, swollen palms and feet.


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