Update on becoming a resident in Spain

Becoming a resident in Spain CREDIT: SHUTTERSTOCK

NERJA Foreigners Department would like to remind British visitors that as of January 2021, anybody wishing to live in Spain for more than three months and living here more time of the year than in another country must apply for the new Resident Card TIE, Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjeros.

However, this does not apply to those who already have a green resident card.

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To avoid overcrowding, Spanish authorities have brought ahead the date to apply voluntarily until the end of 2020.

It is advised that those who wish to do so, apply for the new Residencia as soon as possible, as there could be changes.

FIRST RESIDENCIA: You can apply for the first Residencia if you have one of the following options:

Option A: It has 2 requirements:

FULL COVERAGE MEDICAL INSURANCE IN SPAIN, PUBLIC OR PRIVATE. Pensioners: will have the S1 form from the National Health Service in Newcastle. Non Pensioners: must have private insurance with full coverage in Spain and no co-payment. The blue EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) will not be accepted as this is just for tourists. –

HAVING A PENSION OR AN INCOME OVER 460 € / PERSON / MONTH. Ask your bank in Spain or abroad for a letter or certificate, stating that you have a pension or an income of more than €460 per person per month. If is not in Spanish, it has to be translated by a translator.

Option B:

WORKING IN SPAIN AND PAYING INTO THE SOCIAL SECURITY MEDICAL SYSTEM. You don’t need to show medical coverage or income. The police will check on their computer that you are registered on the Spanish Social Security health care system, Seguridad Social. It is advisable to take your work contract or registration with Social Security.

WHERE TO APPLY FOR THE FIRST RESIDENCE CARD TIE You have to go personally 3 times to different offices, always making an appointment for each person, including children.

First, you go to Malaga Foreign Registration Office, Extranjeria, near the main bus station. After approx. 1 month you go to Torre del Mar police station, near the roundabout leading to the hospital. You return again to Torre del Mar in approx. 45 days.

IMPORTANT: As the first Residencia is complicated, difficult to get an appointment and no English is spoken in the offices, we advise to contact an adviser, Asesoria. Their prices for TIE Residencias are approx. €150 for one person and €200 for two persons.

RENEWAL OF YOUR RESIDENCIA You renew your first Residencia after 5 years. Then you will become a Permanent Resident and your Residencia will last for 10 years.

WHAT TO DO ONCE YOU ARE RESIDENT · Change your driving licence to a Spanish one. See an adviser, Asesoria. · Pensioners must make an appointment to be included in the Spanish Social Security full coverage public medical system. Google: Cita previa sede electronica seguridad social. Take your S1 forms. When going to Europe, use your blue EHIC card to see a public doctor. · Do your tax returns declaration in Spain, although you can choose to be a fiscal resident in your country. See an adviser, Asesoria. For detailed info on first Residencia contact infoextra.malaga@correo.gob.es or Nerja Foreigners Department extranjeros@nerja.es 1


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