Under arrest for summer night break-ins

MODUS OPERANDI: The thief scaled outside walls and sneaked in through open windows CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria

GUARDIA Civil have detained a 22-year old for taking advantage of the hot summer nights to sneak into properties through open windows and steal valuables.

The Guardia have charged the young man for getting into two homes in the same block in Viator in July while the owners were inside sleeping and grabbing small, easy to carry items and personal effects like mobile phones, electronic devices, documentation and cash.

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The property owners told the Guardia the robberies took place in the early hours of the morning, but on different dates.

In both cases the thief had climbed up an outside wall to reach a window left open due to the high temperatures.

Investigations and analysis of the facts led to the identification of the suspect and his eventual arrest following a discreet monitoring of his activities.


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