Sweaty TOPLESS Brits Add Fear Of Coronavirus On Spain’s Costa Del Sol & Costa Blanca as business leaders call for it stop

Sweaty TOPLESS Brit's Add Fear Of Coronavirus On Spain's Costa Del Sol & Costa Blanca as business leaders call for it stop

AS temperatures soar on Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca sweaty Brits are causing fears over hygiene regulations amongst residents adhering to laws and regulations.

Residents are concerned about ‘sweaty Brits’ on Spain’s Costas and fear the unhygienic actions of not wearing a t-shirt at least in public places could cause a further spread of the deadly coronavirus as Spain tries to contain it.

Despite stiff regulations in Spain, regarding hygiene in public places, it appears that Brits are still failing to cover themselves up whilst sweating profusely, whilst not following the Spanish who are taking matters far more seriously.

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Social distancing is one of the most important factors, although Brits especially are being noted for taking not enough action and are even sitting in bars and restaurants as well as cafes topless, dripping in sweat in the midday and afternoon heat, on both Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca.

“It’s totally disgusting, it just shouldn’t be allowed, we are doing well here in Spain, far better than many other countries in containing numbers, businesses should think about allowing such actions, because actions like this will take everyone down including themselves.

“At the same time, the Brits should show some respect – who on earth would want to sit in an establishment, such as a diner with sweat dripping from them,” said Bob Austin formerly from Detroit, now living on the Costa del Sol with his wife Anne.

“I will not go to any establishment that has people sitting around with no tops on, they should be wearing tops at all times in public places, you even see them with a mask on and no top! – the area needs to remain safe and visitors from the UK should be respecting that,” he said.

Another upset resident on Spain’s Costa Blanca, Mike Thomas in Alicante had to say quite strongly: “The police should be arresting anyone not dressed correctly, that’s no social distancing, sitting supping ale on the bar terraces with no shirt on, we are fighting a virus here and it’s not going to help with these types taking such action, nobody wants to sit next to a sweaty Brit at the best of times, let alone now with this virus about.

“Spain is totally safe in most regions as we know, in Benidorm, just look as an example they are working so damn hard to protect the town and a few mindless idiots are ruining it for everybody and could make it much worse,” Mr Thomas finished.

The Euro Weekly News spoke to businessman David McQueen, who has despite the lack of business for many establishments, taken on the spirit “to keep pushing on” and told us his observations as he recently opened a new grill house in Torrox 45 minutes away from Malaga where the fine establishment complies with the strictest regulations.

“Health and safety is paramount, at present when you visit us, we ask all customers to wait at the door, we have special feet wipes and mats and after full sanitisation, we take the customers to their table, once sat they can remove their masks, but we insist they wear them at all times in the event of standing and moving from the table, such as using the toilet, every establishment needs to follow the strict regulations as we do.

“I’ve seen so many instances, of others not following correctly and yes even people topless in establishments. We need to fight to protect Spain and our businesses,” he finished.







  1. So they said they hated us for not going there and having quarantine, and now they hate the people for going there. It’s stupid holidaying now anyway, nobody should go there. People in the UK don’t want the virus being brought in again in big numbers from Europe or elsewhere.

  2. It’s all nationalities who are to blame, just see who it is walking the boardwalk who do not wear masks or distance or adhere to ANY requirements. All tourists. Just here far a good time and as reported, they don’t care as they are on holidays. We said it as the tourists were welcomed, they would bring the virus and they have, together with their selfish attitudes.
    We, the residents, have to look after ourselves and take a back seat whilst these selfish tourists have THEIR good time.


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