New surface smooths the way on Topares main road

WIDER OBJETIVE: The provincial deputy said projects like the Topares road upgrades help create equal opportunities for Almeria residents wherever they live CREDIT: Diputacion de Almeria

THE drive on the main road connecting Topares with Velez-Blanco town and the rest of the province is smoother and safer thanks to resurfacing works, the Almeria provincial council reports.

The Diputacion invested €180,000 in the project to upgrade the surface on the four-kilometre stretch of road, now completed, which also included creating a lane for pedestrians and cyclists connecting the Topares district with the municipal swimming pool.

The works came under the Provincial Highways Plan approved by the provincial administration for this year, and which has a €9 million share of the ‘Acelera’ programme. This in turn is part of the ‘Plan Almeria’ aimed at promoting the province’s economic and social recovery from the impact of the Covid-19 health crisis.


The Acelera strand of the plan is specifically designed to reboot the construction sector following the lockdown.

Diputacion Development deputy Oscar Liria went to take a look at the result of the Topares road investment earlier on Wednesday, joined by the mayors of Velez-Blanco, Velez-Rubio, Topares and Maria.

Lira affirmed that one of the objectives guiding the work of the provincial council is creating equal opportunities for Almeria’s residents wherever they live.

“We want the inhabitants of an area like Topares to enjoy the same opportunities and services as, for example, the residents of Almeria city”, he commented.

“Actions of this kind take move us closer to this aim, providing the best services, infrastructure and quality of life for all the province’s municipalities.”

A further concern which works of this kind help to address the deputy added is the “demographic challenge” of people moving out of Almeria’s inland regions.

“The battle against depopulation is made effective by this type of measure which provides more and better infrastructure to our villages”, he said.


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