Language let down for Malaga students

Language studies: Previous students on their trip. Credit:

AT the beginning of the State of Alarm many Malaga students had planned to travel to England to enjoy a week of language studies, unfortunately, Covid left them without a trip and without the money they had already paid to organisers BradenEnglish.

In total, more than 200 families in the province have come together to recover the money they had paid.

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Students from various schools had everything ready to travel and families had already paid the €700 package cost, but the closure of borders prevented them from leaving.

Five months later, the money has not yet been returned and they have begun to organise through social networks the intention of filing a lawsuit.

The organisers claim that they are unable to return the amounts invested and the families have only been given the option of recovering a part, around 30 per cent, plus 5 per cent in exchangeable travel vouchers.

Company managers acknowledge the situation but confess that the solution is not simple as they only act as intermediaries. They explain that they had already made all the payments to the corresponding companies in England and that none have reimbursed them after the crisis, so they are without the necessary funds to make the returns at present.


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