Horses on Spain’s Costa del Sol continue to starve as owner THREATENS animal rescuers as vigilantes prepare to take him on

Horses on Spain's Costa del Sol continue to starve as owner THREATENS animal rescuers as vigilantes prepare to take him on

Horses continue to starve on Spain’s Costa del Sol whilst owner threatens concerned animal rescuers.

ANIMAL rescuers have been threatened with an ‘accident’ if they continue to highlight starving horse issues on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

Members of the public are turning to local animal rescuers in floods of tears asking them to do something, whilst horses are starved to near death.

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The animal rescuers who are in direct contact with the Euro Weekly News, highlighted the issue last week and now claim they have been threatened by the horse’s owner.

The animal rescuers, who wish not to be named due to fear of reprisals, said:

“People are upset, children are crying and they contact us regards helping these horses. The owner has said it’s not something you can put in the papers. If he finds out who did this to him, an accident will happen.”

The allegations are against a man called Lucas, who normally operates a horse and ride centre on the outskirts of Fuengirola, situated on the old Coin road out of the town.

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Thin horse on the floor starving and wilting in the heat.

It’s alleged that he is not getting much business due to the lack of tourism and that due to that fact, the horses are only being fed slightly once a day with small amounts of hay, and are so lacking energy whilst they starve are forced to lie in their own excrement, whilst at times having to eat it in an attempt not to starve to death.

Whilst the animal rescuers are mainly women with large hearts as they rescue and care for animals, the alleged threats have brought attention to others who wish to challenge the owner and have no fear of an ‘accident.’

“Who does this man think he is threatening animal rescuers, he’s clearly the scum of the earth, well let’s see if we have an accident then,” said Daniel Hammond in Fuengirola.

“Let’s see if he’s as brave as he says he is, starving horses, threatening people he may be capable of it, but we are not having it.

“We too are animal lovers, and we are prepared to defend the animal rescuers at all costs, I’m getting a mob together to ensure there are no ‘accidents’ – well not to the animal rescuers anyway!” he stormed.

“This is atrocious behaviour, sickening and we have had enough, you, the press keep highlighting the issue and we will do the rest,” he said.

The Euro Weekly News has attempted to contact the owner on various occasions and still await his return call promised seven days ago, although we shall make another attempt today.



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