Horrendous Car Smash On Spain’s Costa Blanca N332 as Ambulances, Helicopters and Emergency Services attend the scene

Playa Padre chiringuito fire
STABLE: Reports say firefighters had the fire under control by about 8pm

A horrendous car crash on the N332 in Spain has seen helicopters and a stream of ambulances sent to the scene.

THE very bad incident on Spain’s N332 at Venta la Lucia near Villajoyosa, has seen a fleet of ambulances as well as helicopters deployed by the emergency services to deal with the situation.

Police are advising motorists to turn back and avoid the area at all cost.

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An eyewitness who was coming over from Campello told how he has been told by the police to turn back and he said the police when requesting him to turn back told him “It’s a bad one and the road will be blocked for several hours at a minimum.”

We shall update as and when more news comes through.


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