Do your bit to halt spread of Covid-19, Adra urges youngsters

PLEA: The Mayor urged the younger generation to wear face masks and social distance CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Adra

ADRA council has called on the younger generation to do their bit and help reduce Covid-19 infection rates.

Coinciding with International Youth Day on August 12, the local authority urged the locality’s youngsters to show “responsibility” and to “collaborate.”

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“It is essential to behave with common sense because the virus remains present”, Adra Mayor Manuel Cortes warned.

“We have to continue maximizing all precautions, and hence it is essential that all youngsters are involved in the fight against coronavirus”, he added.

The mayor urged young people to “strictly comply with all the protection measures”, telling them they are “key to stopping the pandemic and preventing it from spreading, especially among the most vulnerable groups.”

At the same time the council put out a reminder that get-togethers to party in public places and consuming alcohol on the street are prohibited and there are fines for breaking the rules.

The administration insisted that it is “vital” to avoid crowds and mass gatherings given they are a main source of infections and pointed out that measures like wearing a face mask and social distancing are not only compulsory, but are the “main barriers” to stopping the propagation of Covid-19.

The council also repeated the need to stay at home and call the Andalucia Health Serivce in the case of experiencing any symptoms.


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