Costa del Sol Coppers Save a Month Old Non-Responsive Baby in Spain’s Malaga

Discovering crimes committed via social media platforms
The National Police discovered crimes committed via social networking sites

A PAIR of coppers on the Costa del Sol bravely saved a barely month-old baby who was non-responsive in Spain’s Malaga. The National Policemen were on duty patrolling nearby when they received the emergency alert.

The baby was unresponsive to any stimuli but thankfully she was saved by the policemen who applied several minutes of cardiopulmonary resuscitation manoeuvres.

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The incident took place last night in the Pedregalejo neighbourhood, in Malaga. A worried neighbour called the National Police to come help. Thankfully there was a pair of officers carrying out their nightly patrol nearby. The officers were able to quickly attend to the daughter who was unresponsive to any stimuli.

Once they arrived, the officers could see how the baby was not breathing and had begun to turn a shade of purple. Next to the baby girl were her parents, who had contacted 061 and were trying to follow the instructions of a technician on the phone. However, they were too nervous to properly follow the instructions.

The officers quickly took control of the situation and began to practise resuscitation manoeuvres on the girl following the guidelines of the 061 instructors. After a few minutes of cardiac massage, the baby let out a slight snore, began to breathe and recovered a pink hue. Finally, an ambulance was sent to the residence to confirm the recovery of the little girl.



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