British Business Owners In Spain on the Costa Del Sol & Costa Blanca DEMAND to know what’s going on from Spanish government

British Business Owners In Spain on the Costa Del Sol & Costa Blanca DEMAND to know what's going on from Spanish government

EXPAT British business owners based on Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca are demanding to know “what’s going on?” as Coronavirus numbers increase yet again in Spain.

Concerned expats in Spain along the coasts of the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca who took the decision to move to Spain and set up business have grave concerns and demand to know what plans the government in Spain actually have.

The demands come after British traders, who have invested heavily in their business operations in Spain, have suffered one of the worst summers in history financially, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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As the summer season nears the close of its ‘peak season’ the businesses that have survived, wish to know what the possible future holds and what plans are in place.

Yesterday the Spanish government simply when posed the questions by the Euro Weekly News offered a reply of “no comment” as stated previously.

The stance of a simple ‘no comment’ has left many British expat business owners confused and bewildered as they feel they need to plan for the future.

As well as expats many suppliers to Spain are also duly concerned especially as this morning it was officially announced that Britain has hit a recession.

CEO of Luxury British Beds, Mr David Hammond, relayed his thoughts on how “no comment” did not suffice.

“As an exporter to all of Europe, including Spain, we are constantly in touch with Embassies and members of parliament to ascertain the current situations, we normally receive important information that allows us to plan ahead for our scheduling for deliveries abroad, to simply hear of a ‘no comment’ to what were I believe simple questions, doesn’t fill me with much confidence, this morning Britain has gone back into recession, Spain is a big market for us and our workforce are dependent on information, the staff in the factory are also concerned, thankfully we have many markets, but I do really feel for traders based in Spain just reliant on the Spanish and British tourist industry, it must be a nightmare for them, not knowing what the plans are and just receiving a reaction of ‘no comment’,” Hammond said.

Whilst in Spain itself, based on Spain’s Costa Blanca, Kevin Davies, a bar and restaurant owner had the same sentiments as he said:

“I don’t think it’s good enough really, we have survived the summer by being very frugal after the lockdown, we see the Coronavirus once again rising in figures, let’s be honest – it’s never gone away, just contained for a while, so we need a firm statement of intent, not just a ‘no comment’.”

“Surely it can’t be much to ask? – just some direction is all we need, even if it’s presented as a worst-case scenario,” requested Davies.

On Spain’s Costa del Sol, the feeling is mutual as property agent Gavin Ward says he’s been left bemused: “To say just ‘no comment’ is something you watch on a cop TV programme, they if they didn’t wish to reveal any plans, could have at least said something along the lines of, ‘plans are in place but at present, we are monitoring the situation’ or something along those lines, but ‘no comment’ smells to me as ‘no smoke without fire’ – it’s concerning, of course, people need to have confidence and know where they stand, to be fair back home for all his faults, Boris Johnson gives honest open press conferences why can’t they do that here? – all we get is mixed messages normally and now nothing at all!”

It appears the lack of knowledge is very concerning to business owners based in Spain and with no information coming forward from the powers to be and the lawmakers just a ‘no comment’ is placing serious concerns in trading Brits.

The summer months have been an awful trading time on Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca and the British expats still in operation feel they need direction whilst they have seen many fold already and head home. Clarity is what they call for.



  1. The Spanish government know just as much as the Spanish public and no more, at this time.

    So having the benefit of EU peoples response to fighting this virus, go ahead if you are brave or sell drugs


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