Why European Casinos are Now targeting the Indian Market

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Europe remains to have some of the biggest gambling markets worldwide and this is why many big players in the gambling industry are located here. Many of these gambling operators are offering their services outside Europe as well as they plan to eventually conquer the worldwide market.

When it comes to these European gambling companies extending their services outside the continent, one of the markets that they seem to focus on is the Indian gambling market. India has the potential to let businesses in the gambling industry gain more profits.

More and more people gain access to internet services in India. Currently, it is estimated that India has over 500 million active internet users. While gambling is prohibited in the country, there are now laws that do not allow offshore gambling businesses to offer their services to the locals. This is why the locals get to place bets on the 2020 Indian Premier League even if the Indian law only allows them to place bets on horse racing.


The Indians can place any forms of bets with any casinos or bookmakers as long as these operators are located or based outside the country or away from the Indian soil.

The fact that the internet infrastructure in India is getting better and that more and more people in the country are gaining access to this is recognized greatly by many industries, including the gambling industry. This is why the country continues to experience large foreign investment transactions for its gaming and gambling market.

India’s gaming market alone has already attracted over 350 million US dollars of investments since 2014. Currently, India’s gaming market is now valued at over 930 million US dollars, according to the Maple Capital Advisors. With how the industry is doing, experts are predicting that the market will grow at 41 percent annually. By the end of this year, they are expecting for the gaming market to be valued at over 1.1 billion Us dollars. They also estimate that there will be around 630 million online gamers in the country.

When it comes to gambling, India only has casinos that offer small services. This means that only a few games are offered here and these casinos can only offer small bonuses to their players. This is not the case for online and offshore casinos, however. The ones that are located in Europe are already big companies that can offer better options to the players in India.

Typically, casinos that are located in Europe would offer over 1000 games to their players, and of course, the variety has always been something that players are looking for. With more people from India playing online, they simply find these casinos more attractive.

As more people in India gain access to the internet, we can only expect that more Indian gamers will arise soon. Based on studies, by 2021, the number of internet users in India will be more than 55 percent of its population and India is one of the most populated countries worldwide. The gaming market is also expected to be valued at over 3.3 billion by this time It’s simply not surprising that more businesses will be interested in reaching the Indian market in no time.

You can tell that the gambling industry is particularly interested in the Indian gaming market because many online casino software developers are now creating games that are specifically for Indian gamers. Indian games like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti are now offered on a few European sites.

Betway, for example, has already released two live casino games that are influenced by the Indian community. They have Bollywood Roulette and Bollywood Blackjack with dealers that can speak in Hindi.

There are also many online casino and bookmakers that are now accepting Rupees or the Indian currency. Aside from that, these websites now also have the option for the locals to view the site in Hindi.

Overall, gambling companies see the potential in the Indian gambling market. Indians are also known for their love to gamble. They enjoy many card games and the fact that this country also loves sports, like cricket, makes them a good market for sports betting. The loophole in the law regarding gambling in the country is what will make these offshore casinos and bookmakers thrive in India.

It’s hard to have a solid grasp of how European gambling operators will do in the country in the long run, but for now, data present that the next few years will be good for them. The potential of India becoming one of the biggest gambling markets is just really strong.


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