Sleepless in Les Marines

Caption:  NOISY NIGHTS:  Generators keep some residents awake Photo credit: Jose Sanchez

NOISE from generator in a squatters’ villa is keeping the residents of three Denia residential complexes awake at night.

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The power company cut off the villa’s electricity some time ago, but instead of reconnecting the supply the occupants installed generators.

“For days now we have had to put up with a deafening noise that stops us from sleeping,” residents told the local Spanish media.

“It’s a nuisance during the day but at night the noise pollution is unbearable,” a Les Marines apartment-owner said.

“A lot of us are affected and some are awake all night, and it’s very difficult to rest during the day.”

Residents have contacted Denia’s Policia Local who have reported the situation and they have now written to the town hall and the mayor, maintaining that the generators are responsible for a public health offence.


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