One in three Mallorca bars and restaurants could close for good

Marbella businesses await Junta's announcement tomorrow with hope
Hoping to reopen on Saturday

NEARLY one in three bars, cafes and restaurants in Mallorca could end up shutting for good due to the devastating impact of the Covid-19 crisis, a Balearic hospitality sector association has told the regional government.

On Monday representatives of the hospitality arm of the CAEB Balearic Business Association Confederation discussed what the entity described as the “worrying” situation with the Govern’s Employment and Labour Health director general Virginia Abraham and the Balearic Health and Safety Institute director Ruben Castro.

The CAEB representatives called for the extension of the ERTE temporary suspensions of job contracts until the end of the year, “thinking about the survival of the small businessperson, so they can maintain all their workers’ jobs”, a demand the Balearic government agrees with.


They also raised concerns about the contracts for employees taken on for specific periods of time and discontinuous fixed contracts, saying the matter was keeping many of its members awake at night.

They said maintaining jobs and guaranteeing employment for six months is unsustainable for many of Mallorca’s small and medium-sized businesses at this time, and could end up meaning enterprises have to shut down.


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