No lives lost as fire devastates mobile home park

Devastating: Home to almost a hundred British families. Credit: Facebook

EWN reported on our website of the devastating fire that ripped through the Lazy Days Mobile Home Park in Mollina, Malaga where almost a hundred British families lived.

In a news update, it has been discovered that the terrifying fire during Sunday afternoon practically destroyed everything, leaving only about 20 of the approximately 70 mobile homes standing.

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After the firefighting teams were able to control the fire, some of the residents who had been evicted returned to the place and were terrified that there was nothing left of what had been their homes until now.

Residents who had been at the scene explained that “There were many explosions, we were very scared,” and “We have lost everything.”

The manager of the complex, Carolina Quintana, explained that the fire would have started in one of the houses in the lower part and quickly the heat and the strong prevailing wind in the area caused it to spread through the enclosure.

However, residents warned each other and managed to leave without suffering major personal injury.

Kind-hearted residents of Mollina have turned to help those affected and have made donations of food, shoes and clothes.


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