Covid-19 prevention rule-breakers fined in Costa Almeria resort town

DEDICATED UNIT: Vera Local Police has a dedicated public safety unit focusing on preventing anti-social behaviour in the locality CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Vera

IT was another weekend of fines for violations of Covid-19 prevention rules in Costa Almeria resort town Vera.

Local Police issued some 80 sanctions on Saturday night and in the early hours of Sunday morning, predominantly for social gatherings with booze in public places or for failing to wear a face mask.

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Officers also reportedly sanctioned two establishments for not sticking to the established closing hours.

A dedicated public safety unit of the Vera Local Police for preventing anti-social behaviour has been operating in the locality since late June.

The so-called GIV Vera Intervention Group focuses particularly on the most crowded areas, events and night-life hotspots.


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