Costa del Sol Expats in Spain Worried Virus may Spread here as Catalonia Registers 830 more Cases of Coronavirus in One Day!

Catalonia reports almost 1,000 nex cases in 24 hours- Costa del Sol residents worry it may travel here. image: Twitter

Spain’s Catalonia reported 830 more cases of coronavirus and two deaths in the last 24 hours – Expats on Spain’s Costa del Sol are worried it may travel down here.

Catalonia has now registered 108,350 accumulated confirmed cases of coronavirus up to today, 830 more than on Monday, reports the Generalitat’s Health Department.

The total death toll amounts to 12,829, two more than those registered on Sunday: 7,042 in the hospital or social health centre, 4,121 in residence, 814 at home and 852 that are not classifiable due to lack of information.


Joyce Williams of La Cala de Mijas on Spain’s Costa del Sol said: “Me and my husband are in our late 70’s and are scared stiff of the virus coming here. We have hardly been out really since May when the lockdown started. We don’t go out much anyway, I might go to Bingo once a week and he plays bowls sometimes, but that’s about it. I’ve already got a bad chest, I can’t afford to catch it, we told our grandson in the UK not to come over in case he has it, it would be the end of us. We really miss everybody, family and friends but we don’t want to risk it. It is so quiet at the moment apart from the beach – but we don’t go there at our age anyway. Our local bars are empty, we try a visit once a week but sit up the corner on our own, not like before, it’s all changed now, horrible. The shopping, that’s a laugh, I can barely breathe in my mask and just point to my husband what we need, as soon as it’s done were are off back home. Before all this, we would chat and drink coffee in the cafe so they must miss our business, it’s a terrible shame.”

Spain’s director of Health, Fernando Simón, has stated he will not hesitate to enforce lockdowns in whatever region requires it if outbreaks continue.





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