Costa del Sol City Council Encourages Kite Surfers to Take Advantage of its Facilities


TO start kite surfing you can expect to spend at least €2,000 for new equipment and then will need lessons but once that outlay is finalised, it is actually quite inexpensive to continue.

Unlike snow skiing, there is no cost of access to slopes and all you need is a stretch of water and some wind plus your own equipment.

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Marbella Council is very aware of this and with the support of the Marbella Kite Club has installed a number of informative posters as well as specific furniture for cleaning the kite and the board at the beach by Los Monteros.

In addition, it is laying out a beaconed nautical channel for the safety of kite boarders and bathers in order to encourage more boarders to visit the City and take advantage of the facilities both on the beach and throughout the municipality.


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