WATCH: Immigrants surprise Mojacar beach-goers

Immigrants surprise Mojacar beach-goers
UNEXPECTED: The dinghy hits the shore on a popular Mojacar beach CREDIT: Juan Francisco Rojas Twitter @VoxJf

A DINGHY with some 15 illegal immigrants on board reached the shore at Mojacar’s El Lance beach early Sunday evening, much to the astonishment of beach-goers chilling out in the cooling temperatures.

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As soon as the boat hit the sand just in front of the Ankara pub at about 7pm the immigrants took off across the beach and ran up onto the road, abandoning the rubber dinghy where it was.

Spanish press reported that the Guardia Civil was trying to track them all down, but there are no updates on whether any have been intercepted.

Also on Sunday night Guardia Civil located two dinghies with 29 Algerian immigrants on board about 30 miles south of Almeria in the Alboran Sea.


  1. How much longer do governments need to understand this is a Trojan horse. Every day boats full of young muslim men entering European countries. Can’t they see what is going on????


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