Tourism sector working to recover after hotel closures

Spain Set To Have A Warmer Winter Than Usual This Year
Spain Set To Have A Warmer WinCredit - Twitter

THE president of the hotel association of the Costa del Sol, Luis Callejón, considered this tourist year lost months ago. “If normally, in a good year, 20 per cent of the establishments close in the low season, this year more than half will do so,” said the head of Aehcos.

Despite efforts to “save” the national clientele, the Costa del Sol is an international destination, since the weight of tourists from other countries is around 70 per cent, hence it is pessimistic about the prospects for the next few months due to the quarantine imposed by the British Government and similar limitations imposed by other countries due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


“Tour operators are already targeting tourists to Greece or Turkey,” said the president of the Andalucian Federation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation (FAHAT). Now the Spanish tourist areas are losing visitors, the objective is working to recover them from 2021, with a “personalised” approach to offer tourists everything that interests them and that the Costa del Sol can offer.

Callejón has highlighted the difficulties that tourist companies are going through due to the impact of the pandemic in the sector and has demanded the extension of the Temporary Employment Regulation Files (ERTE) until December 2021.


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