The Bullfighting Season is Now Underway on the Costa del Sol

This protest took place in Alicante in late July Credit: AnimaNaturis

BULLFIGHTING is back with a vengeance across much of Spain and after the event in Estepona on August 1, the next bullfight on the Costa del Sol is at the Fuengirola Bullring on Thursday August 13 at 10.30pm.

As is the normal case, three main fighters are due to appear, Enrique Ponce, Emilio de Justo and Fortes with tickets costing from €45 to €100 online.

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There is a limited capacity for the audience and face masks have to be worn at all times.

Whilst there were some demonstrators opposed to the Estepona event, none of the major Animal Campaign Groups appear likely to picket the bullring although they have been continuing their campaign against bullfighting on a regular basis.


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