Police Officers Save Young Woman Threatening to Jump out of Window in Costa del Sol Town

Woman saved
The woman perches precariously Credit: Sip-an Marbella Trade Union Section

TWO members of the Marbella Local Police Force were alerted to the fact that a young woman was sitting on a window ledge in a block of flats in San Pedro and was threatening to jump some 15 metres to the ground.

They discovered that she had locked herself in but they obtained access via a neighbour’s balcony and managed to enter the room in which she was located without being heard.

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They then made a concerted dash to the window, grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back to safety and then reported the situation to the local health authority and an ambulance was sent.

Both officers have served with the Local Police for some time and as both have children but did not hesitate to take the necessary action to save this young woman’s life.


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