Naked Nonce Arrested for Chasing Young Girls and Attacking Their Grandmother in Spain’s Costa del Sol

Torremuelle beach: Costa del Sol credit: twitter @vivebenalmadena

A naked nonce has been arrested in Spain’s Costa del Sol after he was caught chasing after young girls, aged between 10 and 13, in Benalmadena. The perverted man is a Brit in his 40s, who at first refused to identify himself.

The incident occurred at a beach in Benalmadena. At first, the man was not bothering anyone, until he noticed three young girls. The relative of the young girls called 091 because the man would not leave them alone.

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The grandmother of the girls approached the Brit and told him to stop bothering her girls, this is when the detainee allegedly pushed her to the floor, injuring her knee in the process. When the National Police arrived, the man fled the scene completely naked and on a motorcycle.

The man was found in a state of intoxication, without clothing and with no documentation. Although he refused to identify himself at the beginning, he finally agreed to the demands of the police. They then proceeded to arrest him after conducting their interviews with the woman and other witnesses at the beach.

The incident caused quite the commotion on the normally tranquil beaches of Benalmadena. Passerbys could not believe their eyes as they watched the incident unfold. The exact beach in which this horrid incident took place has not been disclosed.



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