Medical Experts in Spain Recommend the Flu Vaccine this Autumn – Even for Under 65’s

FLU JAB: Health experts recommend taking a flu jab Credit: Twitter @ChemistDruggist

ALTHOUGH it is still summer, and temperatures are still high, health professionals have started to think about the future and how to mitigate the risk of the coronavirus. Medical experts in Spain recommend that the flu vaccine be taken this autumn, even amongst those who are younger than 65.

This flu vaccine will be overwhelmingly recommended to the ‘vulnerable risk groups’ who include pregnant women, people aged over 65, health personnel, people with previous pathologies, and those with weak immune systems. Not only this, but some medical experts also contend that individuals around 50 years of age should be immunised even if they do not suffer from risk factors.

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Pedro Navarro, a paediatrician and vaccine expert, emphasises that risk groups “must protect themselves” with the typical vaccine of every fall, but he thinks that it is not an exaggeration but rather a precaution for those younger than 65 to have the vaccine.

According to epidemiological data, Covid hardly affects young people, yet it severely punishes older people. “A patient must trust his doctor. As with childhood vaccines, I am not in favour of anything being compulsory, but rather of it being convincing,” says Navarro.

Immunising the vulnerable risk groups with the flu vaccine works well for two reasons. On one hand, this protects them from the flu which if combined with the coronavirus this can be a dangerous cocktail. On the other hand, this protects the health system from collapsing. The seasonal flu typically saturates the emergency rooms of hospitals across the nation during the winter seasons.


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