Council in Costa del Sol Will Close Nightclubs for Flouting Social Distancing Rules

Nightclub rules
Social distancing must be observed (stock photo) Credit: Ricky Thakrar flickr

THE Benalmadena Council has instructed officers of the Local Police to be diligent in checking social distancing, wearing of masks and adherence to hygiene requirements particularly in nightclubs and discos.

According to a council spokesperson, “The majority of businessmen in the municipality are making a great effort to harmonise their business activity with the regulations on safety and prevention, and what cannot be is that there are some who do not take the appropriate measures.”

Just last week, the Boa nightclub was ordered to stay closed for 15 days after Local Police discovered in late July it had allowed guests to dance without wearing masks and without observing the required social distancing.


A report has been forwarded to the relevant authorities and as the Mayor, Victor Navas wants to ensure that Benalmadena is seen to be a safe tourist destination and law enforcement officers will continue to check a range of venues to ensure that this remains the case.


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