Coronavirus: Spain Reports Over 8,000 New Cases Since Friday

Is This The End Of Masks?
Is This The End Of Masks? CREDIT: Twitter

Director for Health in Spain, Fernando Simón, reports 8,618 infections and 73 more deaths since Friday, with another 1,486 new infections in the last 24 hours.

THE coronavirus crisis has so far left 28,576 dead and 322,980 infected in Spain, with 8,618 more cases since Friday, and 1,486 in the last 24 hours. Up to 675 outbreaks of the 950 detected since the end of the State of Alarm are still active. Simón also said there were 45 patients still being treated in ICU units across the country.

Breakdown of cases by Region


In the last week, 750 people have been admitted to hospitals with positive for Covid-19 (127,303 in the global count of the pandemic): 78 in Andalucia, 259 in Aragon, three in Asturias, five in the Balearic Islands, 18 in the Canary Islands, 16 in Cantabria, one in Castilla-La Mancha, 39 in Castilla y León, 43 in Catalonia, 79 in the Valencian Community, seven in Extremadura, 25 in Galicia, 119 in Madrid, three in Melilla, 26 in Murcia, 15 in Navarra, nine in the Basque Country and five in La Rioja.

The director highlighted the stabilisation and “gentle decrease” in the rate of infections in the city of Barcelona, ​​which shows the “effectiveness of the measures adopted.” In the case of Aragon, “it seems that it is stabilising,” although “there are neighbourhoods in Zaragoza where an increase in the transmission is maintained.”

Care Homes

Regarding the increase in cases in residences, Simón acknowledges that “no matter how protected they are,” cases can continue to be entered through the entry and exit of workers who may be infected. “I know that special care is taken,” said the director.

There are now more than 19.8 million cases and 732,000 deaths worldwide.


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