Cooking oil recycling record in El Ejido

MORE AWARE: The increase in recycling shows the public are “increasingly more sensitive to the matter of environmental sustainability”, the councillor commented. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de El Ejido Facebook @Gobierno de El Ejido

EL Ejido has recycled a record amount of cooking oil this year.

The council reported that nearly 15,000 litres of domestic use oil have been deposited in the 87 dedicated recycling bins distributed around the municipality, the highest amount for the last four years.

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“In 2016 we managed to recycle 4,935 litres, however in recent year we have tripled that figure. A fact which demonstrates that the public are increasingly more sensitive to the matter of environmental sustainability”, commented El Ejido Public Works, Services and Maintenance councillor Alberto Gonzalez.

“Recycling used domestic oil is a simple action which doubly benefits the environment”, the councillor explained.

“As well as avoiding the contamination of the sea, ground or damaging pipes, it is used to create various ecological products like bio-diesel or soaps.”

All the containers have anti-theft systems and are designed to be protected from acts of vandalism aimed at preventing oil from leaking onto the street and guaranteeing environmental safety and public health for anyone using them.

The recycled oil should be deposited in closed plastic containers of up to five litres capacity.

Members of the public can check out the location of the oil recycling bins on the council’s website at


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