Wheels are off as expat businesses continue to CRASH on Spain’s Costa del Sol leaving tears heartache and misery


Businesses on Spain’s Costa del Sol continue to crash at an alarming rate leaving tears heartache and misery for ex-pats

As the economic climate worsens on Spain’s normally golden Costa del Sol, businesses are crashing by the day for ex-pats due to a lack of cash and tourism.

Expats are suffering the pain, as all the restrictions imposed on Spain set in as a regarded “unsafe country”- that requires quarantine regulations brings tears, heartache and misery.

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With much well thought out businesses crashing, and seeing many ex-pat business owners locking up forever overnight, leaving shattered dreams, tears flow and the heartbreak sets into the reality its all over.

That reality hit hard to an ex-pat hire bike business on Spain’s Costa del Sol, in Fuengirola, as the wheels came off her dream business and she locked up for good.


Observers watched and cried themselves as a beautiful young lady, cleared out for good from Spain’s Costa del Sol.

The dream had been of a simple cycle hire business for tourists, tourists that at this time of year especially, would have been flocking in numbers, whilst now the streets remain bare and establishments empty, the economic fallout starts to see further painful declines and closures.

Empty Costa del Sol On A Saturday Afternoon in August

In the case of the cycle shop, the ex-pat community has been willing on the young lady with her new business, she had the unfortunate luck to open ready for the summer, just two weeks before the enforced lockdown.

The ex-pat had decided to move to Spain alone with her two young daughters for a bright and prosperous future although though now it’s ended in shattered dreams.

“She has spent thousands on importing quality bikes from Holland and she opened up unfortunately just before lockdown,” said Joanne Riley who had befriended the young lady.

“she’s given it everything, she really has and she would sit in her shop in tears daily stressing about the lack of customers, shes always paid her rent on time despite not taking a lot of money, it’s heartbreaking, I’ve cried buckets”

Denise O’Reilly told how she would call in daily to will the young lady on:

“She’s such a lovely girl, I knew how upset she was, so I would call in every day to give her encouragement and will her on, but once Boris Johnson killed off hopes by regarding Spain unsafe, enough was enough, we would cry together, but the pain just got too much for her and she’s now packing up, the landlord was very good and understanding, she was fully paid up and he let her out the lease kindly, I’m really going to miss her and her daughters, it’s all very sad and we all around here are heartbroken for her, she had the fight and the spirit, she just thanks to that idiot Boris, didn’t have the customers, he killed her off”

Wheels off and closing down





  1. where is all the EU money going .is it not meant to help people like this, or has it all been….as per normal .vanished ..i see nothing from the banks or the spanish local or central gov, with help grants, or cheap loans ,the silly EU should have said….we will come down and we will get the money to the people who need it, now it will end up in a few peoples hands, and no normal people will get anything.


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