Spain Set To LOCKDOWN Friday the 18th September with Three Phase System closing borders with France & Portugal

Spain Set To LOCKDOWN Friday the 18th September with Three Phase System closing borders with France & Portugal

Spain’s government led by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is set to LOCKDOWN Spain again on Friday 18th September 2020


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The link below is the clarification on this article.

Reactions Run Wild Amongst Expats on Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca on Social Media Over LOCKDOWN plans

Pedro Sanchez is set to re lockdown Spain on Friday 18th of September as the nation battles to contain the increased outbreaks of coronavirus in Spain.

The nation, that is starting to fight a losing battle against the pandemic, has seen a sharp rise nationally of COVID-19 and the government have set the 18th of September as the date to impose lockdown regulations on its citizens according to congress ministers.

Whereas the previous lockdown saw a three-phase release, from the 18th of September the set plan is to introduce a three-phase into lockdown.

Phase one will see if the plans set to go ahead, will see regional lockdown, that will prevent Spanish citizens travelling outside their residential municipalities, as well as the closing of borders with France, Portugal & Italy apart for essential business crossings. Phase one will also see the stopping of flights of non-essential travellers from Europe.

Phase two, if phase one doesn’t contain and prevent an increase in a 14-day monitored period, will see the closure of non-essential businesses, the likes of bars, restaurants and cafes. Also included will be theatres, cinemas and other social gatherings venues.

Phase three, if required another 14 days later, will see citizens once again ordered to remain at home and only allowed out for essential needs.

The two Spanish members of congress also revealed to the Euro Weekly News on Saturday that talks have taken place with other nations prime ministers advising of the set-out plan including UK’s Boris Johnson.

One of the ministers revealed: “The governments are working ahead together to try and prevent another pandemic and loss of thousands of lives, this is one of the reasons you are seeing holiday companies cancelling flights and holiday packages into September, they have been pre-warned”

“We, the Spanish government have to protect our nation, be assured the government will do everything in its power to keep the wheels of industry moving but at the same time we must protect our people”

“The first phase is set to start on Friday the 18th of September, the government will then assess the situation 14 days later, nobody wants to see the second phase introduced, everything will be done to avoid it, but it will be put in place and the third if needs must”

“This time we have been able to plan ahead, we have got through the summer and allowed our citizens freedom of movement through the summer months, now we need to get back in control of reducing infections and deaths” he finished.








  1. Is this true? Not reported by a single other paper, and ewn, who’s journalism talents extend to reporting council road improvements, has direct access to congress???

  2. Sensationlaist claptrap. Last week you informed your readers Easyjet was about to go under, the same day their share price rose over 5% on better than expected results. EWN the Poundshop Daily Mail.

  3. I’ve seen nothing across the Spanish press at all so would be interested to hear your source or is this pure speculation and scare-mongering? Facts please

  4. Sounds like a hoax, WHO is telling everywhere that Spain will succeed to control the pandemy. Only the same article in a few English spoken online newspapers. Sounds more as a warning to keep Brits in UK. No one is speaking about it, nor in Spain, nor in Portugal, nor in France. It can be possible that some people think that it will happen, but nothing official yet. Anyway if this will be true, a revolution won’t be far away

  5. Total crap, N332 5 hours ago!

    Spain is NOT going back into lockdown

    There have been many rumours all over Facebook this morning about Spain going back into lockdown.

    There is NO OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION from the Spanish Government about a new ‘lockdown’ at all. There is NO official information about borders closing. At the moment, the Government is focusing on controlling the small outbreaks across the country.
    There has been NO mention anywhere about another lockdown or confinement, nor going backwards into different phases (only in some small areas of Spain has this been put in place, to control outbreaks).

    Things are ever changing and announcements can be made any moment, if we hear any more information on this we will of course update you.

    As always, N332 will translate and publish all government official statements as and when they happen. N332 will only ever post true information from official government sources, never will we post ‘news’ stories as we do not benefit in any way from this page.

    Thank you for always trusting N332. 🙂

  6. Before you Print you must Think.
    To be branded as a Hoxer and Fake is nothing to feel proud about.
    Are you aware of the stress this type of stuff is?
    Hat off to you if you have beat everyone to the post.
    But something as hot as what you have stated.
    The rest would have taken up the slack and followed on through.
    Thats not the case.
    So its looking like it smells.

  7. Another chapter in the EWN vs Olive Press race to the bottom about who can publish the most bonkers headline. To then try and spin afterwards that it was the stupidity of your readers that caused any confusion was really just the cherry on top. Probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to remember that that advertisers only advertise if they feel confident enough to do so. It’s not the number of Facebook comments you get that pay your bills.

  8. Well it may be fake news today and real news tomorrow. Not that a new confinement will give us the results we want but hey we tried no ? One nearly would think there is a second agenda.

  9. This is fake news. There’s a fake document going viral with all the stages of the lockdown starting september 18th. You have to be braindead to believe it, but to even publish it goes beyond any kind of stupid we’ve seen before.
    Please check your sources better, we already have olive press publishing plenty of rubbish.

  10. Dear Alister,
    Your second article refers to the two ministers from congress quite clearly. However you did not clarify this in your first article and mislead people to create sensationalism by juggling words. Your heading screams out Lockdown and this has upset and frightened people. The fact that there is a plan in place is of course obvious. The government would need to have a plan should things go pear shape.

    Why don’t you as a journalist, try and respect the Expats here and write your articles in a clear and grammatically correct way so as not to confuse and panic the people. Also by writing the way you have, you make the people angry towards the spanish for something they believe is going to happen for sure and not purely a plan should the worse happen.

    Personally I listen to the Spanish news and the government info, as and when it is released to hear first hand what is planned.

    Thank you.
    Mrs Candida Wright MBE

  11. John Smith (John doe) Read them yourself the second back tracks on the first. The second states you didn’t say things that are clearly in the first in black and white. You need shutting down. But then that may happen soon as your known for stealing articles from other media and making them out to be yours. Hope your getting plenty of income from your pay per click ads, you’ll need it

    • Actually my name is John Smith or do you class that as fake news? I have written for this paper for five years and do not steal articles although I do use other media as research sources. I personally earn nothing from pay per click ads and was purely pointing out the second article. Journalists do obtain inside information from sources (remember Watergate?) so how can this be called fake when it reports a plan?

  12. It seems that spanish economy is already set to be the most affected by this “pandemic”. Even if the situation is not bad, media is spreading fear and the situation is getting worse…no need to say that tourism plays an important role on its economy. Hoax should be punished!

  13. From which source does this information come?
    Thank you for helping to sink even deeper into Spain. I don’t understand how you can call yourself a journalist…

  14. Scaremongering yet again Euro Weekly. Please get your facts straight before you print such stuff. People don’t want read rumours, they want factual information.

  15. I live in Madrid, this plan is at the moment only a
    possibility. Only two people of Congress and two
    ministers have suggested this. As the Minister of Health has said before, if something is official they will announce it at a press conference.
    Meanwhile they are planning on opening the schools the second week of September.

  16. This is a load of poppycock why allow this kind of instantiated information to be published. According to the n332 who get update all the time this is total cr@p the reporter should be dismissed for scare mongering if your paper can not get it fact right then you should stop publishing you scared elder people which should be against the law.
    If you have fact or the name of the government person who has said this you should publish this to

  17. “as well as the closing of borders with France, Portugal & Italy apart for essential business crossings”

    Does Spain has any border with Italy?

  18. Unless you are prepared to make a legal challenge in court , you have given up your rights to a criminal act of government. All the world’s TOP medical experts have stated that covid 19 is a mild infection and not a deadly pandemic. There is NO medical basis for the laws and your rights have been criminally violated

  19. The content of the article is ENTIRELY true, and thank you for spreading this message.
    Readers, please consider what would follow IF the Spanish government confirmed this officially.
    Turmoil, violent protests, civil war…
    (((They))) will never tell you they are going to realise the plan, as by doing so (((they))) would bury the chance of putting it into practice. (((They))) will take nations by surprise – only in this way they can succeed. Please mark how the police has acted in Europe in the time of restrictions: as an occupying force. Cops have got huge salary rises, the same will follow for soldiers. They will be ready to shoot you dead on the streets from September on. National military does not exist any more. The army in Spain is subordinated to supranational circles.
    Please prepare. Fight for your freedom. This is war.
    My testimony is based on information from a Spanish MP, whom I have known for years. He is not allowed to reveal this to anyone.

  20. What is the link between the information you are daily overwhelmed with by official authorities and your everyday experiences with that which they like you to believe?

    Are your family members or friends disappearing in large numbers? Do you see thousands of coffins everywhere? Where are all the memorial services for the so-called dead taking place? Why are hospitals empty with medical professionals being sent on leave because they have nothing to do? Is this how a pandemic (which is supposed to be a global phenomenon) looks like? Is the flu gone all of a sudden? What about all those millions of annual deaths due to other infectious diseases you hear nothing about? Aren’t they important?


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