Reactions Run Wild Amongst Expats on Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca on Social Media Over LOCKDOWN plans

Reactions Run Wild Amongst Expats on Spain's Costa del Sol on Social Media Over LOCKDOWN plans

Reactions have run wild with Expats on Social media as they react to a conversation between a reporter and two members of parliament

After the Euro Weekly News published a factual article in regards a conversation between a reporter and two government ministers, that described how plans were being put in place in the event, that if coronavirus figures in Spain continue to escalate, social media has gone into meltdown.

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The article headline clearly states Spain is set to go into lockdown phases if the coronavirus continues to spread across Spain.

Although some readers have reacted widely to the word of “Lockdown” fearing the worst with claims of “fake news” with over 200 comments and rising.

The government, of course, has a plan as any government would have, the article revealed that plan with the first plan of action being a restriction of travel between regions and closing of borders for non-essential travel, with further phases if required.

Some readers though have feared the worst-case scenario of a total lockdown if the laid out plans go ahead, despite the article not saying that.

A frenzy took place on Facebook as users didn’t read the article clearly before jumping to assumptions as they argued back and forth, at times abusing each other, leading to some having to be banned for aggressive behaviour.

What the article did do was reveal the plans made by the Spanish government for in the event and how two ministers explained the plans of how a drafted plan is made in the event that COVID-19 continues to spread across Spain by Friday, September 18th.

Interestingly a minority of posters revealed themselves how they had heard the same scenario in other quarters, although the comments were lost in the fury of many who didn’t appear to read the article in full.

Readers screamed as they typed away: “Wheres the official source?” – the answer, of course, there isn’t one yet, it’s a plan described by two ministers, just like any business governments have plans behind closed doors for in the event.

This is the plan what we revealed.

The Sun Newspaper recently reported an article of “inside sources” at Whitehall claiming that Spain was set to be on the unsafe list of countries, they were mocked by millions on Tuesday released an article as fake news, “a load of old tosh”, etc, etc – by Friday night with just 4 hours notice it all became correct as we know.

Newspapers and media outlets do have their contacts and sources and they report those findings.

Other readers commented in fury how they had read on N332 that it was not correct.

Firstly N332 is a Facebook page fed by the police, they were not in the meeting or privy to the conversation, the police in their duty don’t make the laws of Spain, they follow the law laid out by Parliament and the lawmakers of the country. The article did not state either that Spain was going into lockdown, it stated the conversation and the plans made IF coronavirus figures are not contained by the 18th of September 2020.

We do though appeal to all readers to read the article in full and what it contains and wish you all safe and well, at the same time feel free to comment on our website, to your views on the plans, and if you feel they are good ones and the appropriate action required if figures continue to increase. If you don’t – feel free to share your ideas of what the Spanish government should do in the event.

We can’t hide away from the situation of spiralling infections and we will continue to bring exclusive news first and foremost however it may not want to be read. None one including ourselves wants any type of lockdown, we understand that, although being forwarned is better than last minute and that’s why we published the article.












  1. Sorry the mentioned article is clear, the date is fixed, nobody talks about a plan for in case—, along the article it will happened, I’ve read it several times and even saved it for further follow up.

  2. This article was opened by a sensationalist headline..with a defined statement of an intended plan of action..not of a possible course of action based on certain assumptions..
    Why not be honest? Your article has had the desired effect..

    • I totally agree with the previous comment made by Stephen Martin… you opened your original headline with this sensationalist headline,

      “Spain Set To LOCKDOWN Friday the 18th September with Three Phase System closing borders with France & Portugal”

      As supposed professionals in journalism you must understand the importance and impact of a headline, it can make or break an article. Like so many of your stories your headlines are designed to provoke and drive traffic to your ad filled content. That in itself is not a problem, but dont publish an article with such an sensationalist headline that clearly states that SPAIN IS SET TO LOCKDOWN and then blame your readers for reacting without combing through the nuances of the article and reading it word for word. You created this reaction through the way you presented the story, end of.


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