Partying Brit refused Ambulance on Spain’s Costa del Sol as she breaks ankle and costs her 780 euros to get to hospital

Boozed up Brit refused Ambulance on Spain's Costa del Sol as she breaks ankle and costs her 780 euros to get to hospital

A partying Brit on Spain’s Costa del Sol who breaks her ankle is refused an ambulance and has to shell out 780 euros for a private ambulance

A woman who had a few too many cocktails on Spain’s Costa del Sol fell breaking her ankle on her way home outside Palm Beach in Fuengirola.

As she writhed in agony on the floor her husband called her an ambulance, but on arrival, they refused to treat her or take her to hospital as she couldn’t provide insurance documents.

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The documents that were 2 miles away in her hotel room couldn’t be presented to the ambulance driver, leading to the ambulance crew to say “No documents- no ambulance, make your own way”

As the ambulance drove off and his wife in floods of tears, screaming from the pain, the husband saw another coming down the road and jumped out to hail it down.

The crew fully explained they were a private ambulance service and asked if they had private cover for the service, to which he thought he had and took it as meaning the insurance back at the hotel, and off they travelled to the hospital in Marbella.

As they departed the private ambulance, the husband provided his details of where he was staying and his residential address as his wife was trollied into the casualty department.

According to a close source, a pal of the couple who lives in Los Boliches told the Euro Weekly News:

“My pals a bit embarrassed to speak to you himself, but he’s in shock at the size of the bill at the moment, it’s come to 780 euros! he had a few beers on board after a cracking night out on holiday, we did have a blast to be fair, I met him  a few years back and we’ve kept in touch ever since and I bumped him to him by fluke the other day up the town, we had a few ales and his wife went around the world on cocktails as you do when on holiday”

“I told him, you would have been better getting a taxi and saved yourself at least 600 euros, trouble was he wasn’t thinking straight after a few bevvies and just saw the word ambulance and to be fair his wife was screaming in agony, shame I wasn’t there I could have told him and explained it was a private ambulance and that really you need to be on a plan with them like I am, to be fair they offer a great service unless you fall over drunk and break your ankle and aren’t on a plan” he laughed.

“Seriously though, I’m quite shocked the standard ambulance didn’t take them, it’s not as if they were legless”

The injured woman has now been fully plastered and on the road to recovery despite the shock of the bill.




  1. Ha, as an American we know better to NOT call an ambulance unless it’s life or death … Or go to the doctor. If necessary a taxi would have suffice. In any case it’s fair for the Spaniards to try to recoup the cost of a foreigner’s expenses as they are a tax to the local economy. And please, a Brit partying at a beach town? You now understand why Spaniards dislike Brits as much as… More even?… Than us Americans.

  2. No, sorry but I don’t believe this story. I have been on many occasions on vacations in Spain. And in more than 3 had to go to the hospital, but on 3 of them I had to call an ambulance. Not only they were very efficient even if once it was very difficult to reach the location I was, but I was never asked about the insurance beforehand, only after I went to the hospital. Once I had to undergo an intervention and only after attending to me the hospital asked about the health insurance. The first time that happened to me, I didn’t have an insurance. And there was no big deal. They provided me the receipt with the cost of everything, that were a lot of tests and 2 days of attendance at the hospital, and if I remember correctly the sum was 175 euros. No big deal, if I had or not the insurance. Because as they explained to me, if I had one, the insurance would pay, but if not, I had to pay to the hospital. And that’s it. I have other friends that had the same issues and never once have I heard that they were refused anything from the hospitals or ambulance for that matter…
    And if the couple were refused by the ambulance, why didn’t they call the police? It’s very easy, and for God’s sake it is Spain, you call the police and they come in a matter of minutes… I’ve had a lot of experience in Spain to believe such a story. It seems to me that it is completely made up…

  3. The Spanish would not get that shoddy treatment if they needed an ambulance whilst visiting the UK. Why people visit Europe is beyond me. They hate the UK but cry when the Brits are not allowed on holiday due to covid.


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