Spain’s Former King Juan Carlos ‘staying at a luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi’

Spain's former king Juan Carlos has reportedly been staying at one of the world's most luxurious hotels since fleeing his country amid a corruption scandal.. image: Wikipedia

Spain’s former King Juan Carlos has reportedly checked into Abu Dhabi’s exclusive Emirates Palace Hotel after fleeing Spain after being ‘forced into exile’ over a €100m corruption scandal.

Spain’s former monarch King Juan Carlos I has been ‘forced into exile’ over the scandal, it comes after corruption allegations about him had surfaced in recent weeks. He was originally is thought be staying in Portugal, with a family he stayed with in his youth. The media now thinks this was just a ‘red herring’ to put people off the true location of the ex Kings whereabouts.

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The Three-Bedroom Palace Suite at the Emirates Hotel- if you want to know the price then you cant afford it!. image: Emirates Hotel.

The 82-year-old revealed on Monday that he had decided to leave Spain to help his son, the current King Felipe VI, ‘exercise his responsibilities’. The official letter, published by the royal palace, did not mention where he would go, nor when exactly he would leave.

The Emirates Palace – A Magical Experience in Abu Dhabi and definitely fit for a king… image: Emirates Hotel.

Spain’s PM, Pedro Sanchez,  recently said he found developments about Juan Carlos ‘disturbing’. Spanish media went into a frenzy about where Juan Carlos had fled as the palace refused to reveal further information.

The 82-year-old checked into Abu Dhabi’s exclusive Emirates Palace Hotel on Monday night, says sources in Dubai, although, other reports have him placed in Abu dhabi.


A photo of King Juan Carlos has just been published showing him arriving at Abu Dhabi airport on Monday!. image: Facebook


  1. ‘Forced into exile’ over a € 100m corruption scandal
    what a cheek
    In any constitutional state, people do not go into exile but go to prison because of the risk of escaping


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