Expats On Spain’s Costa del Sol concerned about Fuengirola PERVERT daily beach stalker” eyeing up” girls

Expats On Spain's Costa del Sol concerned about Fuengirola PERVERT daily beach stalker eyeing up young girls
Stalking In Disguise On Los Boliches Beach

A suspected beach stalking pervert on Spain’s Costa del Sol beach in Fuengirola is raising concerns amongst ex-pats as he “eyes up”

Expats living in Spain’s Fuengirola are getting very concerned about who they claim is a daily pervert eyeing up beachgoers for sexual pleasures.

According to the concerned ex-pats, it’s a daily occurrence and something needs to be done by the law.

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William, a concerned father of a 7-year-old daughter, who uses the beach daily as he resides on the seafront in Los Boliches, contacted the Euro Weekly News with his concerns.

William Bradley and his wife, are fearing for other beach users as they relax on the beach, whilst what William believes, is they are being stalked by a serial pervert getting sexual satisfaction, staring and staking out female beach users.

“I’m really concerned now about this man, he’s to me, no doubt a serious pervert getting sexual satisfaction staring, I go to the beach daily and watch his actions now after I have had to warn him off a few times for coming right up to my wife and staring closely at her crotch and breasts”

“Despite warning him off – he still comes back the next day in a different disguise, doing exactly the same thing, he comes right up in front of the sunbeds and stares, listen I’m a man of the world and without going into detail, you can see he’s getting sexually aroused by it”

“When you warn him off, he still stands and stares for a while, before moving onto to staring at others and the majority are oblivious to it as they lie in the sun”

“All people using the beach, need to be aware of this pervert, I dread to think what else he is capable of”

“He wears a full hat, mask and sunglasses as he stalks the kids on the beach, I’ve watched him come past, getting his kicks and then return just 30 minutes later in a different hat and mask trying to disguise himself – he walks with a funny waving arm”

Pervert watching the kids in the sea

“I have reported the actions to the beach patrols, they have said they will try and monitor it but unless he actually does something the police won’t be able to arrest him as staring is not a crime”

” I’ve come close to “chinning him” it’s disgusting to see – please make everyone aware of this twisted man’s actions who use the beach here – he’s a wrong un” William warned.

Stalking In Disguise On Los Boliches Beach




  1. A whistle would alert adults in the area. When they look up [from their slumbers] point out this creep.
    His days are numbered. What ARE the police waiting for???

  2. i am ACTUALLY crying with laughter at this!….ANY man, worthy of the title “man”, would NOT! report it to the beach patrol.They would simple, knock him out!….get a spine, and a life!….:-)


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