Spain’s Malaga airport on the Costa del Sol has to call for Police Reinforcements

Malaga airport had to call in extra police last night after a group of English 'yobs' refused to wear masks on a flight from the UK. image: Twitter

Police reinforcements were called out to Malaga Airport last night to control a group of Essex ‘yobs’ who had refused to wear their masks on a flight from the UK.

The Spanish police didn’t waste any time and dashed straight to the arrivals hall where a large group of youths were already ‘mouthing off’ at officials who were demanding they put on their masks.

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One of the youths could be heard stupidly trying to talk Spanish to the officer, : “Me no have mask mate, me English, tourist- we all bring mucho dosho toSpain- where is nearest bar-o?”

Cabin crew from the flight the yobs had landed on were seen giving statements to the police. “It is a very serious offence and heavy fines or even prison could be handed out” said the girl, who did not wish to be named for fear of reprisals.”We all knew they would be trouble when they boarded the flight. We informed the captain but we were too close to landing to divert back to the UK. The other passengers, mainly older people, didn’t want any trouble with boozed-up yobs and just sat there and played with their phones or pretended to be asleep.”

After a stern warning, in perfect English, the youths were led away to a waiting police van, not so mouthy now after they realised you do not mess with the Spanish police. They will be put in front of a judge in the morning to find out their fate. If they are lucky they will come away with a fine, if not, their holiday is over.



  1. Aren’t passengers required by law to wear masks on board a plane? And why allow yobs on board in the first place when they were likely already drunk and mouthing off? Money?


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