Residents in L.A Flabbergasted about COVID Protocols in Spain’s Costa del Sol

LOS ANGELES: California also heavily hit by the virus credit: twitter @hiskytv

A pair of American tourists have been questioning what the COVID protocols in Spain’s’ Costa del Sol is really like. The couple were flabbergasted when learning about the true use of the mask and how seriously people take the matter in Spain.

In the states in the U.S have the power to decide how they will tackle the COVID crisis. In Los Angeles, California, there have been several regulations and protocols to help reduce the risk of transmission but there is no one to enforce this.

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Down in Malaga’s own version of Los Angeles, the Costa del Sol, people are mainly compliant, not only for the sake of their own safety but the safety of others who could become infected.

Some locals to the area have warned the couple, Pedro Julio pleads, “Don’t come here now! It’s a mess! Rules are changing all the time”. Julio is right, coming to Spain is a risk. Protocols are firmly set in place; however, these placements could quickly change depending on figures. For example, if the Costa del Sol experienced a substantial outbreak with community transmission, like Aragon, the area would be placed in some sort of lockdown. At least until the situation is controllable again.


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