Players of newly promoted FC Cartagena are striving to stay at the club

Cartagena promotion club
PROMOTION: Second Division awaits FC Cartagena. CREDIT: Andy Céspedes

The prize of promotion to the Second Division has left the players of FC Cartagena reluctant to leave the club.

THE prestige of playing in the Second Division, added to the fact that the minimum salary for contracted players is set at 77,500 euros, means players are resistant to exiting FC Cartagena.


With the successful promotion, the club is planning to carry out an upgrade of the squad and those who are not currently contracted will be hoping they are kept on for next season.

This is a massive opportunity for a club who have spent many years trudging the lower leagues, with many players prepared for the new challenge.

However, not all of the squad will be able to continue on this new journey, with some movements out of the club already being reported as part of the major shake-up.

The FC Cartagena Sports Commission has some tough decisions to make as they ready the club for this exciting, and challenging, new era in their history.

The budget for the Albinegro team is reported to be around five million euros, but with the minimum salary in place, the club will need to be careful not to fall into the trap of over committing financially and risk their future in the league, or as a club.

For the players, the minimum wage guarantee will be a good opportunity to improve their careers both sportingly and economically.

Playing in the Second Division will give a boost to the careers of those that remain at the club, and those brought in, during the remodelling process.

The Sports Commission will have to remain focussed on the budget as well ensuring they have built a team with the ability to stabilise the club in the Second Division, and grow for the future.

It’ll be interesting to see how FC Cartagena navigate this transition going into the 2020-2021 season.


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