Nightclub On Spain’s Costa del Sol Bosses Allowed Customers to Dance with no Masks on and Ignored Social Distancing

Local police said the nightclub had a DJ and were using fog machines- the dance floor was packed and no-one wore a mask. image: Wikipedia

Police have closed down a nightclub in Benalmadena on Spain’s Costa del Sol after twice finding people were not wearing their masks and being allowed to dance, they also totally ignoring social distancing.

The Boa nightclub (formerly Kiu) has been closed by the Benalmádena City Council for at least fifteen days for failing to comply with the health and safety measures related to Covid-19. This follows from an official decree of the city, in which in addition to ordering the closure, the Ministry of Health and Families has been alerted for the possible use of sanctions/fines.

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The events that led to the closure of the nightclub (one of the largest on the entire Costa del Sol) occurred on July 25. According to the official report, one night at 1.45 am in the morning, Police entered the premises on a random check and found discrepancies to the rules and warned the staff they must follow government advice otherwise they would face fines or closure.

However, around 5.40 am the premises were inspected again, and it was then that the agents (as stated in the official account) were able to verify that they had reduced the available area by closing rooms, bringing together all customers in a single space, but offering the performance of a DJ, dance and the use of artificial fog machines. No customers were seen wearing their mandatory masks.

The investigators maintain that these facts should be considered a “crime against public health”, for which the closure was ordered and Court in Torremolinos was informed.

Many bar and nightclub owners in the area are struggling to survive in the current economic crisis, 24 hour square in Benalmadena at this time of year is normally packed with tourists and locals until the early hours- now though the few customers that are around are “not enough to fill half a venue” said one bar owner.


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