For the First Time in Spain’s History the Nightlife Industry Goes on Strike

Credit: Agoda

For the first time in Spain’s history, the nightlife industry has decided to go on strike. This Friday nightlife venues in the capital city of Madrid will voluntarily close their doors until Sunday as a sign of protest.

These venues are protesting against the measures decreed by the Community of Madrid, which state that hospitality businesses must close at 1:30 a.m. Businessmen are furious as this simply seems like a sure way to kill off any struggling businesses.

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This measure has been similarly adopted in other parts of the peninsula, mainly due to the increasing number of outbreaks which originate in nightclubs or nightlife venues. Therefore, Madrid has decided that it will “turn off” the nightlife industry for a weekend. The protest has also been promoted by the Association of Hospitality Entrepreneurs of Malasaña and supported by all the associations of the Madrid Leisure Platform.

The Platform requested to meet with President Diaz Ayuso, after the regional government approved the Contingency Plan of the Community of Madrid, with important measures that affect and restrict the sector, such as the closure of the hotel business before 1:30 a.m., which is when many cocktail bars start their activity.

“The imposition of this closure at 1:30 am, along with the restriction incapacity, which in the case of nightclubs is 40%, and the prohibition of using the dance floor makes it impossible for businesses to maintain economic activity and jobs in entertainment venues. In figures, every month nightlife bars lose an average of €25,000 and discos and nightclubs, whose rents can amount to €30,000 euros, lose more than €100,000”, he details.


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