€60,000 fines for elderly residences without preventative measures against Covid-19

SANCTIONS: Health Minister Ana Barceló confirmed the new rules. CREDIT: GVA.es

ELDERLY residences in the Valencia Community face fines of up to €60,000 if they fail to have adequate coronavirus prevention measures in place.

THE Consell will today (Friday, August 7) approve a decree which sets new sanctions and will ban visits and outings at nursing homes which experience an increase in new cases.

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The new decree, set by the Valencian Government, is aimed at monitoring non-compliance with the measures against the killer virus in residences, day centres, youth centres and other establishments of a social nature.

And the hefty fines will be enforced in all premises which don’t meet the guidelines.

‘Serious infractions’ include ‘skipping recommended confinements’, keeping an employee in the workplace who has tested positive for Covid-19, flouting capacity limitations or carrying out activities that involve ‘crowding of people’ and create a risk of transmission of coronavirus to more than 10 people, ‘especially if they are over 65 years old, with functional diversity or mental health problems’.

The new ruling also includes ‘minor infractions’, with fines of up to €600 for breaches of capacity restrictions which affect less people and lack of ‘hygiene and prevention measures’.

In a press conference yesterday, Valencia‘s Minister of Health, Ana Barcelo confirmed her department is preparing ‘a resolution that will once again make it possible to suspend visits and departures of residents from residences in those centres that are located in municipalities or health departments with the highest incidence of coronavirus infections’.

She explained the decision will be justified at all times by an epidemiological study and “a resolution will be approved for each specific case,”

When asked if there was any data on how many residences and which may be affected, she replied: “Over the next week we will see what those residences may be,” reports Las Provincias.


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