Costa del Sol’s Firefighters (and their pups) Arrive in Beirut to Sift Through the Rubble

Malaga Firefighters Credit: GERCCMA

Five of Costa del Sol’s best firefighters and four of their specially trained pups have arrived in Beirut to help sift through the rubble. The explosion that ripped throughout Lebanon’s capital city is now considered to be one of the largest non-nuclear explosions in modern history.

They were scheduled to fly out on Wednesday, but the airline was being difficult with the firefighters because of their dogs. Jair Pereira is one of the firefighters from Malaga who has volunteered to help after a shipment of ammonium nitrate in Beirut exploded and caused more than 130 and 4,000 injuries. “The catastrophe is of such an immense magnitude that they are looking for professionals from many fields”, explains Pereira.

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Jair, who is a corporal of the Malaga Provincial Firefighters Consortium, is no stranger to tragedies like this one. He is part of the NGO GERCCMA, a group who specialises in canine rescue. They have been involved in the search for disaster survivors all around the world. More specifically, they assisted during the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile in 2010 and the one in Mexico in 2017.

Along with Jair and his colleagues, various teams sent by the European Union will attend. Brussels has decided to urgently dispatch a hundred “highly trained” firefighters, as well as specialized vehicles, dogs and equipment, to assist in rescue efforts.




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