Wild Boar rescued by firefighters from abandoned pond in Redován

Firefighters Wild Boars
RESCUE: Wild Boar rescued by firefighters. CREDIT: Radio Orihuela SL YouTube

Firefighters of the Orihuela Park were called to an abandoned irrigation pond in Redován in an attempt to save two wild boars.

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Members of the Alicante Provincial Firefighters Consortium were once again called out to perform another heroic animal rescue.

Sadly, they were too late to rescue one of the little creatures, but with the assistance of some ropes and an inflatable canoe, they were able to reach the remaining wild boar who was still struggling to survive.

Six firefighters, a sergeant and a corporal had to race against time in order to avoid the animal sinking back into the irrigation pond water.

The event occurred this Wednesday, at 11:45 am, in the El Cabezo area, in an old quarry in the municipality. This irrigation pond is without sufficient security and becomes a real hazard for the animals that come to drink the water.

After the rescue, the surviving wild boar was handed over to the Policía Local, before being taken to the SEPRONA of the Guardia Civil.


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