Three Women in Costa del Sol’s Marbella Detained for Stealing Brit’s Luxury 7K Watch

Stolen Watch: Avenida Julio Iglesias Credit: Twitter @Ayto_Marbella

Three Bulgarian women aged between 27 and 32, in Costa del Sol’s Marbella, have been arrested for stealing a luxurious watch worth €7,200.

The victim was a British tourist enjoying his holidays in Marbella. The incident occurred at dawn on July 25 at an apartment he was renting on Avenida Julio Iglesias. The young British man woke up to find that he had been robbed so he reported this issue to the National Police. He woke up in a daze with a vague memory of what happened the previous night.

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According to investigations, the victim went up to the flat with several women. He fell asleep in one of the rooms of the apartment and woke up the next day feeling extremely disorientated. The young Brit then realized that the women had stolen his credit cards as well as his €7,200 watch.

The victim saw that he had several scratches on his arm where his watch used to sit. He also saw on his phone that there had been at least five cash withdrawals adding up to £846. After a thorough investigation, the police were able to identify three potential suspects, the Bulgarian women, who have now been arrested for their crimes. Intoxicating men and luring them back into their accommodation only to steal them as become an increasingly popular crime in Costa del Sol’s Marbella.


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