Much-awaited sports pavilion will be open at the end of the year

CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de La Nucia

La Nucia’s €2.4 million Second Sports Pavilion will open its doors at the end of 2020.

THE new facility is being built next to the Camilo Cano Olympic Stadium and will allow the number of sports teams and clubs in the town to continue to increase.

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La Nucia Mayor, Bernabé Cano and Councillors Miguel Ángel Ivorra and Serafín López, visited the site, which will also have a large car park for use by the pavilion and La Muixara Public School.

Cano said the sports facility will be a “functional and dynamic covered sports pavilion of 2,854 sqm parquet court”.

CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de La Nucia

It will be equipped with four changing rooms, a fitness room, a weight room and a massage room, and is being financed by Alicante Provincial Council and La Nucia Council.

We are very satisfied with this work, it is aesthetically beautiful and different. The growth of the grassroots sport and the increase in the number of teams in all the La Nucia clubs made it necessary to build a new pavilion in order to continue growing in teams and athletes,” said Cano.

The current pavilion, built in 2009, had become too small….with a single pavilion we could not function properly and introduce new sports such as basketball.

It will be a very practical pavilion that can be used for sports competitions but also for other events such as International Day or ExpoNucia,” added Cano.

The new venue – just 200 metres from the current sports pavilion – will also be used for festivals and other events having been equipped with a removable parquet floor so that stages can be erected without causing any damage.


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