Horrendous Sand Storm Sighted Heading Directly for Spain’s Costa del Sol

If the doctor is correct then the Costa del Sol is set to be engulfed in a sand storm soon. image: Wkikpedia

A gigantic and powerful Sub-Saharan sand storm is approaching the Costa del Sol, according to a top meteorologist.

Meteorologist David Pinkitt has cautioned that a Saharan sand storm is brewing up and gaining speed and momentum. The African storm threatens to blanket the whole Costa del Sol and Dr Pinkitt, who has been following a storm for weeks, is certain it is heading this way.

The Saharan dust storm is part of a regular meteorological phenomenon that sends dust from the Sahara Desert to the north of Africa. Last year it engulfed the Spanish island of Tenerife, halting air traffic and causing massive disruption.


The problem is there is absolutely nothing a person or city can do to protect its self from the storm, all that you can do is close the windows and ‘batten down the hatches’!

The bigger problem arises when the storm has deflated and lost its energy. Hundreds of tons of Saharan sand will have to trucked away to landfill sites. Roads will be mostly un-navigable, air conditioners get clogged and trip the mains supply- cars need deep cleans just to start. When the storm struck in Tenerife, hundreds of people had to treated for sand-inhalation problems, patients with underlying conditions like asthma suffered the worst.

Dr Pinkitt is monitoring the situation very closely and will alert authorities in Spain when necessary.



  1. I’m not for a minute suggesting you make this stuff up but I’ve just spent ten minutes trawling though Google and Bing, neither of which could provide me with confirmation of this story. David Pinkitt is also an invisible figure as far as these search engines are concerned. I wonder, therefore, when you publish a story like this, you could provide a link to the source where you found the story.


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