Cornered El Ejido thief threatens to jump from top of building

UNDER ARREST: Officers managed to grab the suspect when he led down his guard CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria

A SUSPECTED thief cornered by Guardia Civil on a rooftop terrace in El Ejido threatened to jump if officers didn’t back off.

The Guardia had been pursuing the suspect in relation to an attack on a woman while she was sitting in her car in the Las Norias neighbourhood.

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They spotted him going into a building, leading to a chase up the stairs to the roof. Cornered, the suspect stood on a ledge some 40 metres up from the ground and several times made as if to jump.

The officers talked to him and tried to calm him down. Then when he let down his guard and was out of danger, they managed to grab hold of him and arrest him for violent robbery.

He is accused of wrestling with the victim in her vehicle, managing to get away with her handbag containing cash and other personal belongings, and leaving her with injuries which required hospital treatment.

The Guardia Civil said a speedy investigation into the robbery had led to the identification of the suspected attacker, an individual with an extensive record for similar crimes.


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