After Four Months in Spain’s Costa del Sol and Eleven Cancelled Flights Two Scottish Pensioners are Finally Home

Broughty Ferry couple stranded in Spain arrive back in UK four months after first flight cancelled. image: Twitter

An elderly Scottish couple finally made it back from Spain after spending more than four months of lockdown in Benalmadena on the Costa del Sol and enduring 11 cancelled flights.

William King, who has prostate cancer, was really worried he would run out of his prescription pills. The couple were eventually forced to buy medication after both their prescriptions ran out.

Marion King added: “We were able to get most of the medication we needed- at a price. It was expensive but we were able to get everything. The now relieved couple, from Dundee, had been trying to return from their holiday home in Benalmadena since the UK lockdown began on the 14th of March.


They had made numerous attempts to get home, but their flights kept getting cancelled, eventually managing they finally to fly back to the UK on July 31 with British Airways.

Marion, 76, said: “We’ve had 11 flights cancelled. We finally flew from Malaga into the City of London. The plane had two seats on each side. Everybody wore their mask. We felt quite safe. “I was really worried about the flight not going ahead. I packed my suitcase and unpacked my suitcase and packed and unpacked. It was very stressful.”

The couple are now staying at their daughter’s house in London, where they will have to quarantine for 14 days in line with government rules.

She added: “It was lovely to see her. We had been able to Facetime her but just to be able to see her. We thought this day would never come, it was quite emotional.”

“All’s well that ends well. It’s such a relief. I really never thought it was going to happen. It has been a long, long process. The village all kept to the rules, everybody wore a mask all the time they were out.”

The couple will fly to Dundee at the end of the month and they have already booked William in for his check-up at Ninewells hospital.


  1. …………. and further up a story about Spaniards asking, ‘why have the British abandoned us?’ We will likely have seen the last Brit tourist for many years. Thank you hysterical slipstream media and the far-left equally globalist Sanchez junta. You can’t fix stupid.


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