Spain’s Costa del Sol Suffers from a Severe Copper Shortage

EXTORTION: Six arrests have been made. CREDIT: Policía Nacional Twitter @policia

Spain’s Costa del Sol is currently suffering from a severe copper shortage. This summer the National Police in Malaga the squad undergoing a deficit of around 600 National Police officers across the entire province.

This calculation was made by the National Police union, Jupol, who contended that this lack of police presence is a “security risk” for citizens. This lack of Police Officers is due to the fact that many of the staff are on holiday or leave. Given that it is August, many officers take this time of year to relax, however, their absence has not been accounted for.

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The central office assures that the most striking thing about this issue is that today there are even fewer police officers on the street than there were during the quarantine. As explained by Miguel Angel Millan, the provincial security of the Jupol union, this police deficit is notable in practically all of Malaga’s police stations.

Furthermore, the situation is not any better regarding the work material provided to officers. Bulletproof vests are still missing – many officers continue to pay for this protective gear out of their own pocket which can cost up to €700 – and the fleet of vehicles carries on ageing without showing any prospects for renewal.


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